Wardrobe Tips for Portraits - Women

We recommend that people wear something they feel great in when they get photographed. Make sure everything is clean, pressed and fits well.


- Wear uncomplicated clothing with clean lines.
- Blazers look great paired with a collarless top (simple, sleek neckline).
- A modest v-neck is flattering as it lengthens the neck.
- Sleeves are preferable. Otherwise you will draw attention to your arms. A bare arm is harder to photograph as the arm pit area is often revealed.
- Pops of color on jewelry, scarves and shirts look great.
- In general, less jewelry is more. Simple earrings are best like studs.
- There is a lot of black on the below sampling of (8) photos because most women bring black. Black looks good but navy and less heavy blacks look better.


Proceed with Caution!

- Chunky necklaces can overpower a portrait.
- Hoops, dangling earrings, and long necklaces can be difficult to photograph.
- Collared shirts don’t photograph well with blazers.
- Collared shirts don’t look good without a blazer or cardigan when they are white.
- Flesh tones should be avoided so your clothes don’t blend in with your face.
- Frilly, asymmetrical, shiny (silk) and transparent clothes don’t photograph well.
- Low necklines and bare arms may be inappropriate for your company.
- Busy patterns may become dated or can be distracting for company staff pages.
- Turtlenecks don’t photograph well.