Wardrobe Tips for Portraits - Men

Good Job!’s goal is for you to look at your portraits and feel great about the results! The more “you” your attire feels, the more natural it will appear on camera. Come with everything pressed and clean. We’ll handle the rest! Below are our tips for a successful look.


- Wear clothes you love that are uncomplicated and wrinkle-free.
- Bring a small variety of shirt and tie combos to be sure you pick the one that fits best.
- Wear accessories that are bold, but still you.
- Try neutral colors like: burgundy, forest green, and deep purples. Black looks good, but navy and less heavy darks look better.
- Bring a belt. You'll need it!


“Proceed With Caution”

- In general, solid fabrics are better than those with textures and patterns. (Patterns are difficult to retouch.)
- Skip clothes with text or printed logos.
- Avoid loose/baggy clothing, or wearing a t-shirt under a shirt; it adds bulk to the overall look of your shot.
- Don’t get a haircut a day before your session. Try a week or so instead! It allows for it to have time to grow to that perfect length.
- Stay away from busy collars as they tend to overpower a photo.
- Don’t over accessorize.