Scheduling photos for a busy team or an important event can be challenging. Good Job makes it easy! Whether your organization has 2000 employees or a compact 20, we have you covered. From trade shows and events, to on-site and in-studio employee headshots, we are the BEST mobile studio for your needs.

On-Site Headshots


This option is best for companies with a team 15+. We’ll come to the location of your choice and craft beautiful portraits of your staff. Have a vision? Decide how you want your brand represented and we’ll make it happen! Every organization is different, so get in touch for specifics.

In-Studio Headshots


For teams of less than 10, we invite you to our Brooklyn studio! We’ll create portraits that support your growing brand. As your team expands, you can send new hires to our studio and we’ll match their portrait to the others

In-Studio Executive Session

Business professionals seeking a unique look can book this option. Various looks and poses are included with a private session. We’ll work to create a collection of images personalized to you.

In-Studio Pop-up Day

Are you a job seeker looking for a unique headshot to help you stand out? Hosted twice a year at our Brooklyn studio, pop-up sessions are quick, convenient and affordable. Images are obtainable same day!

“Good Job! was a delight to work with for our High Line staff photo. They were not only technically sound, they brought truly creative ideas and flawless execution to deliver a group photo that blew us away.”

Our Clients